Non-commercial feed line

Non-commercial feed line

The ISA team has provided social assistance to homeless animals for many years. We have come a long way in understanding the basic everyday problems with the maintenance and treatment of street dogs and cats, namely the purchase of food, medicine, veterinary services, and volunteer household needs.

For a long time, we observed the tendencies of the charitable volunteer community and analyzed the main issues of our business today. We believe that every year Ukrainians become more responsible and aware of what concerns our environment, so charitable funds should not go to commerce, taxes, and low-quality products. Based on our experience and thanks to the support of socially active companies, volunteers, and citizens - we are launching the first manufacturing project in Ukraine. We can build a line for manufacturing the non-commercial feed, not for sale but to support low-budget shelters, volunteers, and guardians throughout Ukraine.

Our goal

To establish the seamless operation of the line to manufacture a high-protein complete feed diet for dogs and cats with the possibility of processing wet meat and raw fish materials.
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