Emergency Aid. WAR 2022.

Emergency Aid. WAR 2022.

24.02.2022 - the day when the world got divided into Before and After.

Life would never be the same. Russia attacked Ukraine. Thousands of victims, children, and vast numbers of dead animals or those who have lost their homes.

We are incredibly grateful to the People, despite everything, who did not leave their little friends behind, but unfortunately, there are many examples to the contrary. Sometimes it happened due to owners’ ignorance or death, and other times because of other terrible circumstances that forced animals to become homeless. A humanitarian catastrophe has begun. Thousands of lost and wounded animals are wandering the deserted cities and villages, searching for some kind of salvation.

Even before the war, we kept the records of shelters and guardians in Ukraine; therefore, we have much information from urgent needs to food, medicine, and other necessary services. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the database was joined by: a massive number of homeless animals, relocated animals from hot spots to more peaceful regions, and increased needs during an unstable economic situation in the country. Shortage of animal feed, medicine, volunteers.

Our goal

To provide emergency humanitarian aid from abroad; implement logistics in Ukraine; assist in coordinating evacuations, transportation, and financial aid.
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